Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems has over 300,000 CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrators) worldwide. Cisco was experiencing less than 10% participation in the CCNA Community Web Site, the primary communication touchpoint between Cisco and CCNAs. Cisco wanted new ways to drive site traffic and encourage participation to promote ongoing education, new product releases and marketing updates to the engineers. Communication within the CCNA Community Web Site became a paramount goal for Cisco.

After studying the situation, educational games were identified as a means to promote distribution of information and participation within the community. The Cisco Learning Game Series provided educational value for the CCNA's to hone and test their technical knowledge, while providing a fun and engaging experience that encouraged repeat usage. This new means of communication and learning spread with viral force throughout the CCNA community.

The Cisco Learning Game Series was originally created specifically for use on the CCNA Community Web Site. The series has extended its reach and grown exponentially for internal training of Cisco employees, played competitively on kiosks at tradeshows to promote Cisco's certification programs, and distributed on CDROMs, through various sales channels.
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Bring to bear your networking knowledge, gaming acumen, and awareness of security risks and their mitigation techniques to fight the relentless attacks on your network. Your role is to defend your network - and score as high as you can.
You’ve been chosen to build a Storage Area Network (SAN) at our Mars research station. Command the Rover and traverse the Red Planet.
Learn about the benifits of IP Communication solutions as you roll out Cisco IP Communications to address issues with communication, inventory and customer service at IP Beats.
Install a wireless network solution with the assets you are provide and statisfy your network requirements.
Brush up on your subnetting terminology to decypher which replacement part is necessary to make repairs to a cargo bay.